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Winifred Garden

Winifred Garden cared for British, French and Canadian soldiers in Salonika, Greece and perhaps some Bulgarian prisoners of war.

Charles Frederick Gladman

Charlie Gladman rose through the ranks to lead his men through some of the harshest battle conditions in World War One. He recorded his experiences in a diary until ultimately, he was a victim of German firepower.

Effie Mary Garden

Effie Garden was a capable nurse who was entrusted with jobs that women often were not permitted to undertake.

John Grylls

ANZAC Cyclist and Regimental Sergeant Major

John Grylls was amongst the first to enlist for service in World War One. At 28 years of age, he signed up on the 19th of August 1914 and was allocated to the 4th Light Horse Regiment. As John had served three years already with the Mitiamo Light Horse, he was given the rank of Sergeant.

Florence Emily Grylls

Trailblazer and passionate advocate for children’s health.

Henry Stanley Cuthbert Goodwin

Honour roll location: Pillar 5C

Alfred Leonard Gate

Honour roll location: Pillar 5C

Arthur Gardner

Honour roll location: Pillar 5C

George Gammon

Honour roll location: Pillar 5C

Neil Campbell Galbraith

Honour roll location: Pillar 5C

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