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Catherine Robinson

Kate was a matron in charge of several military hospitals, in Egypt and on a hospital ship anchored off the Dardanelles. Whilst overseas, Kate wrote many long letters back home describing the war and what it was like to be a nurse.

William Pola

Not long after landing in Gallipoli, William got a shrapnel wound to the right thigh and later arrived in Alexandria, Egypt for treatment.

Walter Hopper

Walter Hopper enlisted under the false name ‘Walter Whitfield’. Later, his brother Hugh wrote a letter to the AIF notifying them that the assumed name had been chosen for ‘family reasons’.

Alfred Norman Cowie

Alfred served at Gallipoli and in France. He was a grenadier and later worked with the light railways.

John Winterbourne

Honour roll location: Pillar 8D

Charles Spence

Honour roll location: Pillar 8B

Walter Greene Sargant

Honour roll location: Pillar 8A

Thomas McKnight Robertson

Honour roll location: Pillar 7D Resources: ‘Serving the Empire‘, Bendigonian, 3rd August 1916, p. 2

William Hodge McGregor

Honour roll location: Pillar 7A Resources: Individual Stories & Biographies, Glengairn McGregors blog

Thomas George Roland Lowe

Honour roll location: Pillar 6D

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