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James White

Like many young farmers from the East Loddon district, James ‘Jim’ White took up the call to arms, serving his country by enlisting in World War One.

Kenneth Laird

When Kenneth Laird enlisted he was 26 and newly married to Mary Laird. Prior to enlisting, he was a farmer at Calivil who was well-known as a talented footballer for the Calivil Football Club and a long-distance runner. He was the fourth son of Donald and Isabell. His late father, Donald Craig Laird had been an East Loddon Shire councillor.

Robert James Dobbie

Robert James Dobbie enlisted in 1918, but the Armistice Peace treaty was signed before he ever saw action.

Leo Michael Slattery

Driver Leo Michael Slattery enlisted in the Great War on the 20th of August, 1914, only a month after war had been officially declared. He was among the first recruits for World War One.

William Pola

Not long after landing in Gallipoli, William got a shrapnel wound to the right thigh and later arrived in Alexandria, Egypt for treatment.

David Leslie Townsend

Honour roll location: Pillar 8C

William Robert Taylor

Honour roll location: Pillar 8C   Resources: Image of William Robert Taylor, Australian War Memorial

Joseph Stone

Honour roll location: Pillar 8B

James Foster Stone

Honour roll location: Pillar 8B

John Percival Sommerville

Honour roll location: Pillar 8B

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