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William Eric Featherstone

William Featherstone showed signs of heroism as a teenager, saving two of his friends from drowning. He went on to serve on the Western Front, earning himself the rank of Corporal.

James White

Like many young farmers from the East Loddon district, James ‘Jim’ White took up the call to arms, serving his country by enlisting in World War One.

John Grylls

ANZAC Cyclist and Regimental Sergeant Major

John Grylls was amongst the first to enlist for service in World War One. At 28 years of age, he signed up on the 19th of August 1914 and was allocated to the 4th Light Horse Regiment. As John had served three years already with the Mitiamo Light Horse, he was given the rank of Sergeant.

Florence Emily Grylls

Trailblazer and passionate advocate for children’s health.

Ernest Old

Ernest Old was an inventor, cyclist and soldier. He engaged in active service in the Boer War and World War One. He even attempted to enlist for World War Two in his late 60s.

Alfred Norman Cowie

Alfred served at Gallipoli and in France. He was a grenadier and later worked with the light railways.

John Percy Wolstenholme

Honour roll location: Pillar 8D

Ernest Wirth

Honour roll location: Pillar 8D

John Winterbourne

Honour roll location: Pillar 8D

L. Williams

Honour roll location: Pillar 8D

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