Winifred Garden

Winifred Garden cared for British, French and Canadian soldiers in Salonika, Greece and perhaps some Bulgarian prisoners of war.

Charles Frederick Gladman

Charlie Gladman rose through the ranks to lead his men through some of the harshest battle conditions in World War One. He recorded his experiences in a diary until ultimately, he was a victim of German firepower.

Joseph Moore Stuart

Joseph Moore Stuart was ill many times while on active duty. He returned home and sadly passed away the same year he was married.

Arroll Leslie Garnet Smith

Arroll Smith was a farmer and the youngest of five children. He worked as a trainer in England, preparing horses for war.

Charles William Cable

After moving from Mitiamo, Charles was a selector near Goondiwindi, Queensland. He went from selector to stretcher bearer. Sadly, he died from wounds in Rouen, France in December 1916.

David Mullen

A daring pioneer in ‘wretched conditions’. David Mullen was 20 years young when he embarked for war. Just 18 short months later this youthful man was tragically killed.

George Mossop

Always a smile, even in ice, mud and slush. Optimistic George wrote home after seeing amazing Stonehenge and said “There is some beautiful scenery in old England,  but still Sunny Australia will do for me.”

Archibald Douglas McCauley

Archibald was a schoolteacher from Pompapiel when he enlisted to serve in World War One.

Ellis Richard Wilkinson

Ellis Richard Wilkinson was a butcher from Golden Square. He’d gotten married mere months after the declaration of World War One. As he reluctantly left his wife and young daughter at home, Ellis had no idea he was bidding them a final farewell.

James White

Like many young farmers from the East Loddon district, James ‘Jim’ White took up the call to arms, serving his country by enlisting in World War One.

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