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Winifred Garden

Winifred Garden cared for British, French and Canadian soldiers in Salonika, Greece and perhaps some Bulgarian prisoners of war.

Charles Frederick Gladman

Charlie Gladman rose through the ranks to lead his men through some of the harshest battle conditions in World War One. He recorded his experiences in a diary until ultimately, he was a victim of German firepower.

Joseph Moore Stuart

Joseph Moore Stuart was ill many times while on active duty. He returned home and sadly passed away the same year he was married.

Arroll Leslie Garnet Smith

Arroll Smith was a farmer and the youngest of five children. He worked as a trainer in England, preparing horses for war.

William Bickford

Losing a son to the war was a tragedy many parents had to suffer during World War One. For the Bickford family, the devastating loss of three sons out of four became their sad reality.

Ellis Richard Wilkinson

Ellis Richard Wilkinson was a butcher from Golden Square. He’d gotten married mere months after the declaration of World War One. As he reluctantly left his wife and young daughter at home, Ellis had no idea he was bidding them a final farewell.

George Leigh Pentreath

The war front became an unlikely home for men from a variety of occupations, even teachers.

Effie Mary Garden

Effie Garden was a capable nurse who was entrusted with jobs that women often were not permitted to undertake.

Mary Helen Davidson

Nursing aboard a ship

William Pola

Not long after landing in Gallipoli, William got a shrapnel wound to the right thigh and later arrived in Alexandria, Egypt for treatment.

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